About Me

I am a freelancer based in the midst of the beautiful South Downs, Hampshire.

I have always enjoyed using computers and the internet and remember the many hours I would spent listening to the shrieking of a 56k modem whilst patiently waiting for a website to load bit by bit by bit...

In 2009, I had my first peek behind the scenes of making websites whilst working for SPANA as a fundraiser. I was hooked straight away and completed a web development course.

Fast forward eight years and I have been involved in over 40 projects, working with a variety of organisations and individuals.

Ethical Guidelines

I try to be conscious about the consequences of my actions and the impact they have on people, animals and the environment. I will never knowingly work for individuals or organisations who support or actively encourage harming people, animals or the planet and want to do my bit by focusing on working for good causes whenever I can.