I transform designs into user-friendly and successful websites.

User-Centred Development

The web is for everyone and I always do my best to be the users’ advocate. This means my focus throughout design reviews and site builds lies with accessibility, progressive enhancements, responsive techniques, and optimising performance.

Semantic and Structured HTML

Clearly structured, semantic markup makes a site more meaningful for browsers, screen readers, search engines and fellow coders. I make use of HTML 5 sectioning elements, ARIA landmarks and roles, and schemas.

Modular CSS

I love taking designs apart into components and convert those into streamlined, modular code. For most projects, I will start by coding up a well-documented comprehensive style guide. With this and detailed planning, the 'puzzle pieces' can easily fall into place and integrate with the back-end. It also ensures that the site remains maintainable and extendable.

CMS Integration

CMS can be real party poopers. Wrangling with convoluted markup that invades carefully crafted code, poor control panels, and complex steps for simple updates is just frustrating for anyone involved. My CMS of choice is Craft. It is flexible, extendable, and a real joy to use.
Need e-commerce functionality? I can set-up a system that combines Craft and Shopify, ensuring the use of the best tools for managing content and selling products.